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Women at Halftime Podcast

Dec 3, 2019

One of the toughest things about being an entrepreneur is to stay at it and master your mindset. Negative self-talk, doubt and fear are constantly knocking at your door! When the box of guidance from an outside source is taken away, you have to create your own box and put it in place.

It’s easy to get distracted and drawn aside into pursuing multiple rabbit holes and opportunities that look more promising. The most important compass of guidance is your WHY—your purpose and mission. Your “why” will help you focus and stay on track.

Take time to journal—a 90 day challenge is a good place to start and will help you deal with head trash. Start slow, preferably as a side business with the attitude of “self funding.” Own your skills, have a plan, then create opportunities with your network. Most of all have fun! Download the FREE Transferable Skills worksheet & take the quiz!