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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 3, 2020

At the halftime of life, it would seem like you could finally make the time for music and art in your life. You’ve always wanted to get back to those piano lessons you quit so long ago. But you keep putting it off—life is so busy! However, more and more studies show that benefits abound with the addition of music and art in your life. The arts have the power to stimulate the brain in profound and long-term ways.

One of the keys to adding music and art back in your life and creating some “you time” is finding a community. In music this can be an online community that will help you get back to your instrument or voice. For art, there are community classes in colleges and local cities including ceramics, pottery paint and sip studios and more. Do something for yourself, your brain and your stress level. It’s time to enjoy the arts in a more significant way once again! Download the Women at Halftime Book Intro FREE ! #musicandart #artsclasses #musicclasses #alzheimers #dimentia #neuromusicology #secondhalfoflife #liveyourbestlife #freedownload