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Women at Halftime Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Most realize life goals change and shift through time. After going through school and even when getting your first job, it’s hard to define your ultimate life goals as they will usually morph through the years. Some may have known what they wanted to do upon graduation, but as life takes a lot of twists and turns, even the best-laid plans turn out differently than expected. However, core values should be consistent through all the changes.

Your core values are the unnegotiable elements such as integrity, work ethic and honesty. When reaching a pivot able time of life, it is the perfect time to evaluate life goals looking through the lens of your core values. Whether facing a pandemic, entering the market again at the halftime of life, facing a health or relationship crisis, or reaching a plateau in business, each holds the opportunity to shift and even change course if needed. Make sure you download the FREE Goal Setting Worksheets!

Whether you are revising or creating your life goals, we will approach the topic with four principles. Determining your schedule, your location, your work and your significance. Full article HERE: Life Goals