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Women at Halftime Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

Greg Johnson is joining Deborah for this very important episode. Whether or not you are at the place of caring for parents or loved ones yet, this is a very important episode that is very relevant and applicable. There is a definite commitment and mindset as we face ageing parents. There's also a time committment involved. In dealing with finances for their care, it's not too early to start. This needs to be in place earlier than later.

Greg gives some great ideas on what to do when they are hesitant to communicate, especially with questions to ask. How about living arrangements? Discover how to talk about this candidly with them. What options should you bring up? When should you step in? Earlier or later? Every situation is different and realize this is going to take some of your time and energy. What options are there for long-distance care, especially if you're out of state? Those questions will come up sooner than you think!