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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Saying yes has not always been a principle I’ve been a fan of in my life. In fact I’m careful about what I’m saying yes to! However, saying yes to the right opportunities, even if they are a bit terrifying, can reap huge rewards.Saying yes, or yes-and is a principle of improvisation. Imagine you are in a sketch that is being made up on the spot and you find yourself in an unusual predicament. If you acknowledge the situation by saying yes, you will now be able to move the scene forward.

Life is very similar to that improv scene. We find ourselves in an unusual predicament and have a decision to make. We can either be frozen in our tracks, deny the situation completely and shut ourselves off, or move forward with saying yes. We will cover 4 principles of saying yes in this episode. FREE Webinar: