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Women at Halftime Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

Joy and Happiness are terms thrown around more and more in our current society. There are new books released on empowerment and happiness most every day. Many of these books are all about what it means to be joyful with the power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness.

Both joy and happiness are directly linked to our emotions and life satisfaction. In this show, I will go a bit deeper than defining just the surface happiness. True joy comes from within us and I think of it as a hot spring that bubbles up, just like a geyser from beneath the surface of the earth. In this way, I feel joy is linked to your very soul. Research is quite encouraging in many ways but as most know, there are no guarantees on extending anyone’s lifespan. But it does encourage us to pay attention to our mindset and emotional well-being. We cover five ways to help you develop more joy and happiness. They include journaling, significant relationships, eating and exercise, your spiritual life and getting outdoors. Full article here: