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Women at Halftime Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

This episode flows out of several questions I’ve received from Women at Halftime Podcast listeners on helping kids make life choices, especially in choosing a life partner. As my husband and I talked this over, we wondered if we truly had enough valuable words of advice on the subject. We also realized making crucial life choices included so much more than choosing a spouse. There are other choices they constantly make as they enter adulthood that can have long-term effects for them as well as for their extended families.

There is no absolute guidebook on raising kids—it’s a learn as you go journey for most of us. At this stage of our lives, we feel extremely fortunate to have a relationship with all of our adult children. We can stand back and observe their journey, yet also have gained the right to state our opinion when we feel appropriate. The four main areas we will cover here are Values, Faith, Education and a Life Partner. Principles for most of these areas have been communicated in teachable moments.