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Women at Halftime Podcast

Nov 9, 2021

I compare crossing a marathon finish line to living a life that stays on course, fulfilling an intentional purpose and goal. It entails training in small increments, steady focused work and the awareness of boundaries and limits.

Within sports, most running marathon training plans range from twelve to twenty weeks. It is a large commitment of time, energy and resources to be able to successfully run the twenty-six miles.

Studies have shown that our bodies are primed for running. There are definite health benefits. Running can ease depression and anxiety, reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and even obesity. But there are drawbacks. It can also bring muscle aches, blisters and injury. A 26.2 mile marathon race is no simple run and can take a toll mentally and physically. We will talk about getting to the marathon finish line in both the race of life and business successfully and intentionally, realizing there are obstacles along the course. Full Article here: