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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

In this episode we hear from Dr. Wayne Haston who has become an expert on discovering family history. So why study dead people? It’s a lonely hobby! When he started doing research, he became overwhelmed with all he was finding. He had not yet retired and was fairly busy in his regular work. How was he going to organize all of the information? That was over 20 years ago now and he has found a way! That organization system has been a huge asset in expanding his research now that he is retired. Approaching age 73, this research is rewarding, fun and keeping his mind sharp!

Wayne started by creating a website. By doing this, he could post new findings and illustrations. It was also a fairly easy way to organize his research. Dr. Haston even posted his DNA test results, which was quite interesting to view! With all the research organized and categorized, he now has organized the material into a big book. The large version will be a library only edition, but he’ll provide a smaller download version as a free PDF file. Wayne has gone way beyond what many will attempt, but he is providing a long-lasting legacy for his family and future generations to come. Find out more here: If you don’t have the FREE Intro to the Women at Halftime book, get it here: