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Women at Halftime Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

Sara Safari’s goal is to be the first Iranian in history to climb the Seven Summits, the seven highest peaks in each continent. Those peaks are on the following continents: Asia, South America, North America, Africa, Europe, Antarctica and Australia.

Sara’s purpose of climbing is to raise funds for seven organizations who are empowering women. A big part of empowerment is education. There are many women in varying cultures that don’t have access to education. A good education has the power to change lives and futures, so by providing support for education, you are contributing to a brighter future for many women who normally wouldn’t have a chance.

In the book The Summit: Journey to Hero Mountain, the main character loses her focus for obtaining her brighter future. Mallery had a guide to help her, but when she gets sidetracked from focusing on her greater purpose to get to her Summit, she finds herself discouraged, lost and giving up. Those same feelings can follow most any person who has very little opportunity for growth or gets distracted by being sidetracked. This show will help you focus on what's essential and encourage you to climb your own summit. Full article: