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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

I was personally surprised that the search term for selling succulents was so popular. When I think of succulents, I think of a cactus, similar to the ones I’ve seen on long drives through the desert. But they are so much more! Melissa Murphy started Succulent Studios in her backyard and they carry 180 different varieties of those fleshy, juicy plants. In just three and a half years, they have grown their business selling succulents to shipping out over 60,000 orders monthly. That’s a lot of plants and a lot of shipping! Full article here:

It was inspiring to hear Melissa’s story because they are still very grassroots and self-funded. In this way, she and her husband have bought their freedom and kept the fun factor intact. However, they have a very workable system and as a SaaS company (subscription as a service,) they grow and rotate plants on a 1 ½ to 2-year cycle. Their low entry price-point and flexibility keeps customers coming as they can’t wait to receive their monthly baby succulents!

There are many steps involved in selling succulents as a business, from choosing plants, growing the plants, finding your ideal customer, then actually shipping the plants. Also, when setting up a SaaS system, you have to have the back-end support for all the labels, orders, cancellations and changes. There were some basics I took from our interview that I feel are important for any business, some with an interesting twist. I will cover three of those here that may just help you stand out a little more from the others in your field.