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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 12, 2022

Paul Cook was born into apartheid in South Africa and learned quickly how to survive and thrive. 1980 was a very turbulent time as there was a lot of pushback from the African and tribal population communities. White and red-headed, Paul was born into an upper middle-class family with all the amenities that status brought. They had the housekeeper, gardener and maid.

This turbulent pushback caused his parents to move several times. His first public school was all white, which wasn’t too different than most schools in the U.S. some years ago. But when he started attending a private school, it was fully integrated. This integration was unique for South Africa, especially in farming communities. But his parents could afford it and it expanded Paul’s world view as they lived in a multi-cultural community.

How could he survive and thrive working in Africa with those that once brought danger and disruption to his family? He had to do some soul-searching and work on his mindset before his dream became a reality. He shared three mindsets that he had developed. Full article here:

Currently, Paul splits his time between Canada and South Africa, as a guide for Backroads Tours. His hobby is knitting beautiful creations, which he can easily do while traveling. Make sure you check out his YouTube channel. @tallpauladventures