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Women at Halftime Podcast

Aug 20, 2019

Kathryn Hepburn was a great example of an actress with an "it" quality as a dancer turned actress. Look for your “it” quality. TALENT: Natural aptitude or skill. Gift. It took a producer to bring this out of Hepburn. Sometimes we think we need all this “natural talent” to stand out, but if you can find something unique, develop that. (Rod Stewart’s voice, Jim Brickman, a piano bar pianist from the 80’s-90’s with a unique piano style) You may THINK you are gifted in an area, but GET FEEDBACK! People ask why I can play and hold a conversation at the same time. This has taken concentrated practice to develop skill based on a talent. When I told gentleman who asked how long it would take-I said 10,000 hours is a START. He was ready to give up right then and there! Find your talent and start developing a skill based upon that. Your talent may be in organizational systems. Also, don't discount soft skills.