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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

Many people may feel they have a good story to tell the world, and then start asking the question on how to write a book. Should you attempt writing a book and why? How do you even start? Is there a certain path you take? And is it worth it? In this episode, I'm interviewing Kim O’Hara, Book Coach to Best Sellers®, and her business A Story Inside. She had some wonderful words of advice, some which are shared here in this episode.

If you answer the main questions of why to write a book, what to write about and who to write for, you may discover you really don’t want or need to write a book. Or you may find that you need a stronger reason for doing the amount work it takes to get your book all the way completed. (It is a lot of work!) Just like many other projects in life, many get started on writing their book, but never completely finish.