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Women at Halftime Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Why write a book is a question many speakers, coaches and trainers ask themselves. Does writing a book really make a difference? Hasn’t everything already been said? With the amount of work it takes to write, is it really worth it? Also, what should you write about?

There are no cut and dry answers to those questions. We will apply some of the same questions to songwriting to help focus on the value of creating new work. Most everything has been said or written about already, and even though there are cultural shifts, many of the principles are the same. Formats including audio books, video books and even virtual reality are all now within grasp. If you are seriously considering the question Why write a book, spending time with three basic "why" principles will help you determine how or if it will benefit you and your business. The fourth will briefly the "how," to cover what it takes to write and finish a book. Full article: