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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 2, 2021

Most projects and businesses need a strong why to be successful, but when change or disaster hits, many are left without purpose. This can feel like your why has actually been stolen! You may wonder if you can you get it back again. If a company is left without purpose, reinventing and restarting becomes a huge challenge and even impossible. This is because there is no clear direction. I relate this to circling on a roundabout that you can’t exit.

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs spend time at the beginning of a new year evaluating goals and plans for the year. One of the central core elements of that plan should be focus on your why and purpose. Simon Sinek in Start With Why talks about the Golden Circle®. Your why is central to that circle and your how and what are directly influenced by it. Without a strong core purpose, plans and sense of direction can easily be hijacked. A life with purpose experiences these three things: accomplishment, momentum and time.