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Women at Halftime Podcast

Oct 15, 2019

Things going wrong can be a gift at times because it will help you change direction. But it’s hard when you’re in the middle of it! One thing you can really take away is what you DON’T want to do or even shouldn’t be doing! Have the attitude of a lifelong learner. This really helps! We tend to take ourselves so seriously.

Something I have learned with raising sons…if I really try to look smart and say something serious, I get these looks like “really?” It helps me keep a good perspective. (But I know they love me!) Here's a story for you. My “bad” experience using a recipe from Bon Appetit where I spent all day creating a meal that flopped. I knew then I didn’t want to spend my time creating special recipes that didn't turn out! This seems totally unrelated to what I’m doing now, but not really. Technically I’ve faced some of these same issues. My website was hacked and I needed to find experts to help. I didn’t deal with it quickly enough and it was a real mess. It taught me the importance of expediency and attention to what the needs are. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on what’s “best” especially when you are a creator. There are so many things that eat up our time. We can do so much! Things may not always go “wrong” but they’re not in our expertise “sweet space.” I could continue trying other recipes…taking days to perfect them, but what would happen to the other areas of my life?

Walkways: 1. Take on the attitude of a lifelong learner. Realize what not to do. 2. Don’t take yourself so seriously 3. Analyze the areas that are not “best” for you. Don’t hesitate to try new things, but focus! 4. Keep laughing and gather those around you to help you keep perspective.