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Women at Halftime Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

We are human, so we have emotions that flex constantly, and emotional support helps to smooth out the bumps and roadblocks of life. Join Greg & Deb in this show. Emotions run deep, connecting thoughts and feelings, and there is an inner hole in our soul and psyche that feels like it needs filled. The meaning of support is to hold up or hold in. Just like support hose can add a boost of confidence to a woman wearing the stretchy sheer lingerie, emotional support for each other helps to build solid relationships.

To give emotional support does not mean to try to fix someone. Most people realize that this does not work for a spouse, a friend or a work colleague, but we try anyway! However, it does mean at times to hold one back from a decision that would lead one in an unwise or harmful direction.

There are some practical ways we have found that contribute to giving emotional support. What works for a friendship usually works for a spouse and even a colleague, depending on the closeness of the relationship. We focus here on five areas that may help you give additional emotional support to those in your circles or even your significant other. Full Article: