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Women at Halftime Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

Tiny Habits, or habits implemented in very small segments, have the power to change your life, your health and even your financial future. Linda Fogg Phillips is the sister of BJ Fog who wrote the book Tiny Habits and is director of the Tiny Habits® Academy. BJ runs the organization Behavior Design Lab at Stanford, but Linda is the brawn behind the brain for the programs. You will enjoy hearing more about her in the Podcast with raising eight children and how she found her purpose in the organization.

The Fogg method, which is Tiny Habits®, is a three-step process for behavior change. Linda calls this system a breakthrough systematic approach. What is extraordinary about it is there is an emphasis on the fact that it should take no real effort or pain. That statement should be appealing to most reading this. Creating new habits gets a bad rap with the thought of making difficult changes that disrupt your life. Full Article here: