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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

You could be facing self-sabotage by permitting bad mental code or mindsets to infiltrate and control your thoughts. When thinking about sabotage, most think about a virtual enemy agent, but you could be doing just as much damage with your thoughts and actions. When you are hacked, whether virtually or personally, another entity gains unauthorized access. Without realizing it, you could be giving access to destructive thoughts, attitudes, feelings, then actions.

An act of self-sabotage has the potential and power to destroy. This means it could destroy many days, months and even years of hard work. It can also destroy relationships and even your health. Attitudes of bitterness, revenge and even extreme self-focus can result in destructive hate, anger and depression. In this show we will be creating defensive tactics for three areas: your thoughts, relationships and actions. Full article here: Self-Sabotage article