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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

Greg joins Deborah in this episode, talking about the two most important speeches they each gave, the eulogy for both of their parents. No matter your age, it’s not too early to start gathering notes to document life events and stories of those you care about. In a celebration of life, the stories make it so interesting, warm and memorable. It’s also a good idea to interview special friends who may attend and to add the music that was meaningful to the family.

In any sort of celebration of life, you are leaving those who attend with memories to take with them, honoring and celebrating both the deceased and the attendees. As a disclaimer, they realize there are certain situations where honoring them is not possible, however those are few. They encourage all listeners to start documenting memories on notecards or by speaking with friends to not lose the memories and stories that will be special to share and remember. FREE Download: