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Women at Halftime Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

A SaaS Business is subscription as a service. SaaS is how many online companies are now formatting their business products. The principle is not new. Even while growing up, I signed up to receive a special monthly surprise box with makeup samples. This was an excellent example of a subscription. I paid a monthly fee and received a product. I could cancel at any time, but it created a recurring revenue model. Now we see subscription offers for most everything we see online, from Microsoft, to licensing videos to membership sites.

Dorna Moini started a unique SaaS business that is used for the legal profession. Her company at began as she discovered a problem that needed a solution. As an attorney, she did some pro-bono work representing many domestic violence victims in trial and appellate proceedings. She found there weren’t enough attorneys that could take on these cases, especially with the amount of paperwork involved. So she cofounded a platform that bridged the gap for the legal and tech industries to streamline the paperwork.

The principles Dorna used in her business apply to most every business, especially for startups. We will cover four steps here: Solve a unique problem, expand your network, start small and think big and finally, use technology to grow. Full article: SaaS Business