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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Your inner critic is alive and well and is often called the Imposter Syndrome, a term coined in the 1970’s. The inner critic is a critical inner voice that is judgmental, critical and demeaning. The term is used often in psychology or psychotherapy.

When the inner critic takes over, it can be debilitating with self-doubt and fear to move forward. Kris Kelso, ( certified leadership coach, shares how his inner critic threatened to take over even when writing his book, Overcoming the Imposter. The big takeaway from this is that it doesn’t matter what level or what field you are in, there is a danger of your inner critic taking over to stymie you and keep you stuck.

This happens every day with business owners and high achievers, who are especially vulnerable. High achievers hold themselves to high standards and often work alone. Covered in this show are three ways to overcome, or at least manage, your inner critic. Full Article: