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Women at Halftime Podcast

May 25, 2021

Thinking for yourself has become an anomality in a world of clones. A clone is an exact replica, a copy. My premise in approaching this subject is that in many ways, we have become a copy-cat or cookie-cutter world. Social media has done a good job on selling us on a certain look, style, format and even business model. The term expert has been diluted and now the term thought leader is moving quickly to achieve the same fate. The terms have been diluted with no differentiation.

There is nothing wrong with gleaning good ideas and inspiration from others. In fact, it’s smart! But taking time to really think and ponder, putting together a plan that includes your unique skills and experience has taken a back seat. It takes time, energy and effort for thinking for yourself. Especially to think how you are different than everyone else. Most have gotten out of the habit of doing so.

Taking time to ponder and reflect is not convenient and gets pushed back or left out completely of our busy lives. Sitting with what feels like a blank page doesn’t feel productive or a good use of time. We get out of the habit taking time to think with fast-paced schedules and responsibilities that take over our lives and even creativity. Here, we discuss repetition unchecked, reflecting uniqueness and breaking through. Full article: Thinking for Yourself