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Women at Halftime Podcast

Apr 6, 2021

Our major milestones, or significant moments, in life affects our happiness and relationships and vice-versa. In this podcast show, (our 100th episode!) my husband Greg accompanies me as we focus on areas of life where we have both experienced major milestones. When we joined our lives together years ago, we committed ourselves to moving together through the significant moments of life, good and bad. That hasn’t always been easy!

As life moves in a linear direction, we can’t really see the future and it’s a good thing! If we knew what was really ahead, we might not want to go there! There are always so many unknowns, even with the best-laid plans. Here, we focus on five areas of life where most of us will experience major milestones, no matter what stage of life: Career choice, life partner, having kids, financial decisions and growing older. Full article here: Major Milestones