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Women at Halftime Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

The difference between the "Technical" and “Adaptive” approach is the adaptive approach creates the possibility to be flexible and communicate. Why is this important? It deals with the belief system and desires. It will inspire change. We’ve all learned “facts” -working with people, doing business and organization. It’s a “rote” way of doing things. Technique is important. Technique is Hanon, Dohnanyi in music. It's the exercises, scales, arpeggios. Technique is how we were trained. It’s the easiest part of training because you can set specific goals and teach specific ways of a routine.

Adaptive is different and goes beyond the technique. It’s why a certain person stands out from the others. What makes the difference? Adaptive involves a belief system and the emotional desire. It’s taking risks and infusing passion. It’s creating an appetite. When I look at incredible photos of recipes, I think how wonderful they’ll be. It appeals to my emotions. I’m thinking taste, not just ingredients. In applying that to speaking, it’s the authentic sharing of a life—the emotion behind the habit or principle. This brings a desire for commitment, transformation and change.

Walkaways: 1.There is a difference between “technical & adaptive” 2. It's important to go beyond the “facts” 3. Analyze how you stand out with an adaptive approach-maybe start developing ways. 4. Don’t be afraid to share the emotional part of you. People identify with areas that aren’t “perfect.” They can identify with the emotion.