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Women at Halftime Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

When moving from "if then" toward "if when," many see the two phrases as being similar. However, "if when" is more assertive and actionable. The word "when" is a scheduling word. When you say "when," you put it on your calendar to actually do a project. "When" means there’s an actual start date. If you want to move from "if then" to "if when," you need to start. (see past episode on: Proactive vs. Reactive)

This episode will give you some ideas on how do to just that and what to do first, especially if you are feeling stuck and stymied right now. You may not know where to begin to reinvent, retool or regroup! We’ll cover three steps. One: Start, Two:Develop a Routine and Three: Don’t Quit! If you've put off getting back to your music, NOW is the time to start with Learn Music Again! Free Downloads: