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Women at Halftime Podcast

Oct 22, 2019

Greg Johnson joins Deborah in this super-fun episode. You don’t usually think about growing old when getting married--we sure didn’t! We did know the importance of commitment and communication and that has served us well for many years. Questions: Should you get counseling? And when? Our marital counseling didn't deal with some of the issues we are facing now, of course! But we did really approach communication tools. This is one of those issues to talk about as we grow older: How to support your mate when the negative self-talk starts about ageing. Also, what are some creative ways to create memories as we start to not remember all the details? We find pictures help us. We discovered also writing about our journey will help. Giving each other “space” is extremely important. We are different personalities and the merging of our personalities compliments each other, but we've had to learn to do this effectively! At halftime, we are focusing more and more on the importance of having “fun.” Life is short! Enjoy it!