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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Mind Games come in all shapes and sizes. They are ways we can easily tear ourselves down while lifting up the imaginary success of others. As the most powerful computer in the world, your mind is capable of sending constant messages to either encourage or discourage you. (see: Self-Sabotage)

Through the power of the repetitive process, a human brain’s production can’t be emphasized enough. Messaging can be positive or negative and many times we have a choice. The power of a physical virus is in its repetitiveness and we have seen this in COVID-19. And just like a physical virus, a virtual virus will duplicate itself over and over again. This happened to my music website when it was hacked. Hundreds of pages contained jumbled code that had been entered, all because of a virus. (this happened on

We have experienced a worldwide pandemic with an easily transmittable virus that was devastating to our economy, our health and our well-being. It not only held many back, but stymied our economic climate until a vaccine, health guidelines and precautions could be met. Just as destructive as that virus are mind games that are negative and destructive. (see free course on Head Trash)

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