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Women at Halftime Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

A computer malware virus is very similar to a physical virus in many ways. In the same way, those symptoms directly apply to a mental virus. All viruses bring disruption and interruption. They also bring fear and panic. Computer malware refers to software specifically designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. The malware latches on, serving as an attachment, which is the definition of a malware virus.

A physical virus is a microscopic parasite which can infect living organisms and cause disease. The physical virus, just as a computer virus, will penetrate a cell or a physical host as a cell, then start replicating. The important thing to remember about a physical virus, as well as a computer malware virus, is they first have to attach themselves to a host. They don’t just automatically appear and duplicate on their own.

We are not so fortunate fighting off a mental malware virus unless we build our mental antibodies. For a healthy mindset, we need to distinguish our strengths, affirm them and recognize the dangers of malware. This takes thought, building our confidence and realizing how important this process is! Check out Bad Code Book here: #malwarevirus #hacking #malware #coronavirus #healthymindset