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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

A trip gets cancelled you’ve planned for a year and a half and you’re now faced with handling disappointment that comes with staying home. You’re not sure when it will reschedule. You’ve trained so hard and this year is your chance to shine as you’ve finally made it to the big leagues playing on a major team and the baseball season is cancelled. You’re not only handling disappointment, but you’re handling anger as it seems unfair and unjust to rob you of precious years of playing in your prime.

Your business finally opens and you get the news that you have to close again. You have to adjust once again during a holiday weekend, losing sales and valuable cash flow that had the potential to get you through a recent crisis. Now you’re handling disappointment, not knowing if you’ll ever be able to recover.

Handling disappointment is something most everyone has had to face in our current times. Multiple setbacks have escalated feelings of desperation, fear and loss. There are no easy answers with a band aid that will fix those feelings. However, there are three ways that will help handling disappointment we’ll talk about here. One: focus on what is going right. Two: Plan creative new ways to survive that are sustainable. Three: Resolve to never give up emotionally even if you have to give up part of your dream.Our FREE Download this week is Sheet Music for those who used to play & want to play again. Great stress reliever! Get it here: