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Women at Halftime Podcast

Apr 14, 2020

We are in the middle of a pandemic. There is no script or history to go by. It is entirely new. Stores, gyms, restaurants, shopping malls… all closed. Nowhere to go. Our country of freedoms feels like we’re in lockdown. The grocery store is the new “outing.” There are those who can’t even sit on the beach and watch a sunset, or paddleboard in the ocean. We are told it’s for the “common good.” And I believe much of this is, but for a very short time. Big question: will we get beyond all of this? And how fast? What is the new normal?

What I believe is that we CAN move forward, but we have to get beyond our fear. Fear of going outside, wearing no masks, taking a flight, going on a cruise, eating out… Fear has the power to hold us back, and we can easily give power to others or to a victim mindset. We live in America. We are a free country with freedoms that have been fought & won with much blood, war and sacrifice by our ancestors and many of our great leaders.

The time has come to really stand up to that fear. There is uncertainty ahead as I produce this session. No one knows how long this is going to last. Sensationalism sells in the media. That has always been the case. But who do you listen to? How do you cope? And how do you get beyond your fear to take the mental leap to go beyond fear to opportunity? We discover 5 ways in this episode. Free Download: