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Women at Halftime Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

What valuable skills can a long-time Neonatal Nurse Practitioner take to the Corporate field? And how did some of those same skills create the opportunity to start an entrepreneurial business, first started as a side business?

Marcia Grondahl candidly shares not only the most valuable skills she developed and learned as a nurse, then nurse practitioner, for over 20 years, but how to handle life’s curves. While working in the medical field, she transitioned from being a single mom with a 14-year old daughter to marrying Chris, a widow, taking on his three young children who had recently lost their mom. She shares how difficult that transition was and how important her faith was in the process.

The standout skills that connected her career transitions were teaching and training. You will hear how those abilities were extremely helpful as she started working for GE Healthcare in Nursing Informatics and why she chose to make that particular career change. You will also hear about the most valuable ingredient that helped her in managing teams across the country. Plus, how fast she could pack her bags for travel!

Marcia talks about the difficulty in transitioning from working in a hospital to working more remotely for GE Healthcare at home, also traveling a great deal for the company. She shares some key points that helped her in establishing a home office and some of the boundaries she put in place.

Marcia was making good money at GE, but really wanted to start helping people with their health and wellness. The company she chose to do this with was DoTERRA Oils. DoTERRA is a multi-level marketing company and she knew she’d need to develop a downline, but the upline was also important. (Find out why!) With her teaching and training skills, she knew she could train and educate, helping others connect the bridge from Western Medicine to Natural Medicine. She understood both sides extremely well. Developing DoTERRA first as a side business make for a smooth and successful full transition from GE.

Marcia’s life priorities have helped her hold up personally through intense work schedules, raising a blended family and making substantial changes in her career. Success and her love of her current work and product puts her on the path to work with DoTERRA well into her 80’s. FREE Side Business Template Download: