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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

Dennis has a fantastic story of starting from driving a school bus to learning and developing the skills needed to leading a team of over 250,000 people worldwide. He’s been sharing a unique presentation of timeless principles for 40+ years to diversified cultures in more than 50 countries with different economic groups and spiritual backgrounds.

How did he do it? Even though on probation in college with very low grades, he didn’t want to sell. But he did want to solve problems. He found there were some basic principles he needed to apply to pull himself out of what looked like a dismal future. The principles he applied to his life are more applicable today than most any other time in history with those that are pulling themselves out of economic difficulty. Each principle is one of action, but also of mindset and has the power to help you do the same if you apply them. Our FREE Download this week is Sheet Music for those who used to play & want to play again. Great stress reliever! Get it here: