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Women at Halftime Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

Whether a job, media interview, marketing piece or even sequestration, identifying key questions to ask can make all the difference in a great or mediocre future. Finding questions to ask will help discover what you should do or where you should go next. The answers have the potential to give you a much better gauge than looking aimlessly for some sign that will appear in the clouds or a providential event. Here, we will look at five key questions to ask at the halftime of your life.

The five areas of defining your end goal, who or what you want to impact, your mindset, relationships and health are a good basic guide for questions to ask at halftime. Make them simple, then regroup when needed. Most of all, halftime is a great time of life! Have fun and enjoy every moment you can! Book Intro Free Download: #goals #questionstoask #purpose