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Women at Halftime Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

If you look up the term creative construction, you will find it used in multiple ways, from language development, new landscapes, innovation and other uses. I have used creative construction to describe the way Dan Gaudy, a building contractor, uniquely sets himself apart in his business of landscape design and construction. Using his knack for design, along with 3D software has helped him paint a picture for his clients in visualizing their dreams and to serve them more completely.

The basics of a drawing a design on graph paper has been good enough and is still good enough to make sales. But taking the extra step to create an enhanced 3D picture for his clients with his unique design elements has taken creative construction to a higher level in Dan’s business. It has also helped to secure even more business. In the same way, using your uniqueness will help to set you apart in a crowded marketplace. In addition to basic business principles which apply to most any field, Dan gives us six steps to hiring a contractor that everyone should be aware of. Expand your creativity with Music!