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Women at Halftime Podcast

Nov 19, 2019

The holiday season is already upon us as we air this episode, and some listeners are definitely not looking forward to the tension holidays can bring. How are you going to create some great memories this year? Deborah is joined by her husband Greg as they pursue some of the best mindsets and practices that have worked for them through the years. Most importantly, focus on people, not “stuff.”

Healthy people are thankful people. It’s not all about wearing the right clothes for pictures (although important!), having the food turn out perfect or even having guests that may come begrudgingly to your event. Ideally, holidays should be about celebrating the holiday and having fun! It’s time for thankfulness at Thanksgiving, fun costumes at Halloween and the joy of giving at Christmas.

There are other times of the year to celebrate, but these three holidays come right together at the end of the year! Holidays are also time for just “hanging out” and doing things together. Communication becomes even more important with adult children, extended families and varying work schedules. Be sensitive to those and do the work it takes to make getting together happen. It will be worth it!

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