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Women at Halftime Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

Do you believe you have the inner strength to reinvent, restart or pursue your dreams? Will that resolve be enough to really keep going, especially if pursuing a new direction or taking a risk? According to a recent KPMG study the biggest obstacle for women taking risks over the age of 40 is confidence.

Even if you are confident in one area, there may be huge mental obstacles you are facing in venturing into a new area. Obstacles that are holding you back can be the fear of being judged by others or feeling intimidated and invisible. And what about the feeling that you don’t measure up or are not good enough? With the social media markers of comparison so many create for measuring sticks, it is not surprising our confidence levels have dropped.

We are covering three very basic steps to help you call upon your inner strength, whether you are restarting, entering your career again or just wondering what to do next. Add music to lower stress! FREE Downloads: