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Women at Halftime Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

A think tank is a body of experts who provide advice and ideas on specific problems. Joan De Souza started a Business 4 Business think tank in her local area and she is successfully helping small business not only survive, but grow and reach the next level of success. Her 20 years managerial experience, leading a team of more than 200 gave her the skills and ability to start her own non-profit very successfully.

It all started when she saw so many small businesses join her local Chamber of Commerce with a great deal of excitement. But after a year or so, she didn’t see them anymore. She quickly found out many of those new businesses were struggling and in some cases, even shutting down. Joan knew had the ability to help them with some very basic principles! Business 4 Business puts a business on the “hot seat” and the local community gathers to give suggestions. Those businesses have not only survived, but now grown. Find out how! FREE Download Women at Halftime Book Intro: #smallbusiness #thinktank #nonprofit #givingback #communityservice #secondhalfoflife #liveyourbestlife