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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

You may wonder why this article on questions about marriage is here as most of my listeners and audience are at the halftime of life. The reason is that listeners are concerned about their kids and grandkids. Marriage is one of the most important of their life decisions.

Saying “I Do” on your wedding day turns into “I Don’t” more often than not and causes havoc, pain and separation. There are no guarantees that any relationship will last, but there are some safeguards. Kids probably won’t ask these questions, but hopefully the topics of each will spur good conversations at some point. I’m joined by Greg, as we are now celebrating 40-plus years. We feel fortunate to have weathered the many storms that have come our way but this was possible mostly because we developed the tools necessary to do so. We hope answering these questions will give you the ability to do the same. Full Article: