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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

I don’t think the impact of peer pressure ever ends! As Greg, my husband, and I spoke about the subject on the podcast, we defined what sparked this conversation. It was the expectations we all live with, both in life and in our businesses. We look at what others are creating, where they are working, traveling or even obtaining and we just can’t help but assess and compare our situation.

Peer pressure at its root is all about managing expectations. To do so, coupled with defining and owning your core values will most effectively manage the effects of peer pressure. There are huge benefits that can include staying out of debt, living in a location you love or even working in a field you are passionate about. We will cover three steps that will hopefully help you manage the effects of peer pressure in your life, no matter what level or stage you are at. One, have a pre-determined plan. Two, implement your plan with confidence and three, follow through with consistency. Full article here: