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Women at Halftime Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Along the journey of life, we experience unexpected delights and disappointments. At times, our route is clear, smooth, and obvious - and then there are other times when our path is uncertain, muddy, and completely unclear. Sometimes we are moving forward in a positive direction, but then we either hit a plateau or reach a roundabout and get stuck, not knowing where or how to exit.

We may find ourselves in frantic motion but going nowhere fast. Or, perhaps our today is very different from our yesterday - but we have no idea how we got here. Fortunately, with a few tools, insight, and a little guidance, we can deliberately choose the current steps we take to climb closer to our desired destination tomorrow.

If you are feeling stuck or in need of a little boost to propel you forward, I have created a series of articles that may help you. In these articles, I discuss Position, Perspective, and Purpose as part of a journey of positive discovery, and I offer tools, suggestions, and stories to help you assess your starting point, elevate your perspective, and identify your purpose (or purposes) in life. This is the first of 3 articles, podcasts & videos on your Roundabout Position. Full article here: