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Women at Halftime Podcast

May 24, 2022

Sometimes I think about living to 100 and I wonder if I really want to do that. Wheelchairs, more medications, caregivers, wrinkled skin and more. It doesn’t sound glamourous or even that fun when I think of all the drawbacks, but then I think of more than that.

I think of impact at this point in my life and how much more I could give. Longevity is a reality for many who are facing mid-career and the halftime of life. How long do you want to keep working and what lifestyle should you maintain and even adapt? How much and what type of travel do you want to experience? My goals have included the freedom to work and write most anywhere in the world. In thinking about the questions on how to make this journey of living to 100 much more enjoyable and even possible, I’m going to focus on a few main areas: Nutrition, Physical activity and Social activity. Full Article: