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Women at Halftime Podcast

May 10, 2022

Many of us go along our merry way, living life and don’t often stop and think about the question: What are you advertising? The aim of a commercial is to have a memorable take-away to help you remember a product or service. What product or service are you advertising? Many of us are drawn to ads such as the Clydesdale horse commercial with the adorable puppies that make us feel good all over during the Super Bowl. The warmth garnered from that commercial is transferred to the company that it’s advertising, Budweiser.

Most of us don’t have Clydesdale horses or even puppies on hand that we can film, but is there anything in your life that is memorable, that would garner a particular emotion from others? If so, is it something that will inspire or help others? Those are deep questions that not many spend time thinking about. It’s actually easier to not think too hard about this question as it asks these questions: Are you living your life with significance? What are you truly communicating? Many who are faced with the second half of life, or beyond, start thinking more seriously about significance, legacy and what they’ll leave behind. However, it is not too early to think about it much earlier. For the messaging of your life, we will focus here on three areas: your core values, your attitudes and positive endings. Full article here: