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Women at Halftime Podcast

Apr 19, 2022

Picture yourself in an extremely intense situation and then imagine how you would respond when confronted with facing your fear. One of those intense situations could be sitting in the cockpit of a plane as a fighter pilot. To add to the intensity, now imagine that you’re being shot at. This happened to Kim Campbell, who was a fighter pilot for twenty-four years. She has been in intense situations supporting our troops on the ground, starting right about the time of 9-11 attacks. Understandably, pilots were kept very busy after this time where over 3,000 Americans were killed at Ground Zero in New York.

There are principles that Kim gained from her experience that can help you in facing your fear and you won’t have to get behind the cockpit of a plane. However, you do have to take hold of the controls of your life, especially in challenging situations. We all face fears. That’s a normal part of life. But how we respond in the face of fear can make all the difference in how we come out on the other side of that fear. Full Article here: